I got 5 on it #3

I'm a little behind here b/c I decided to do my weekly series on Mondays instead of Fridays.  That way, the weekend is fresh in my mind and you guys won't miss out on any super important information about how best to spend your free time!

This one will be a little different, because I'm going to do MORE than 5 things...I know, crazy.  AND, it's going to be Aspen-themed (because Aspen deserves a lot of attention after the trip we had, obviously).  Still in list form, b/c anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to make lists.

13 Things I Learned On My Trip to Aspen

1. Chlorophyll Drops.  Holy moly, this was a game changer.  This all-natural supplement can be easily added to water (dose is 1 full-dropper/18 drops) and increases oxygenation of cells and tissues.  It helps prevent altitude sickness (shortness of breath, headaches, nausea).  YES.

2. Veuve Clicquot is Champagne.  I didn't know that.  I thought it was obnoxiously expensive Prosecco.  I have more respect for the brand now.  Not a LOT of respect, just more respect than I had before.

3. Veuve Clicquot became part of Louis Vuitton's luxury brands in 1987, and LV designed Veuve's Champagne carrier, which is now a collectible. No wonder it's so expensive...

4. Staying with the Champagne subject, I learned that when you pop a bottle of bubbly, it should sound like "a French lady farting" a "nun fart" or a "whisper" (not a loud pop).  Apparently, this is a thing in culinary school and finer drinking/dining establishments.  The loud, dramatic pop is for amateur hour (take this for what you will, but I like the latter method best).

5. Everyone should follow Pope Francis, Merriam Webster Dictionary and J.K. Rowling on Twitter.

6. There are apps that track your "vert" as the kids call it, or verticle feet.  Apparently, a good, non-leisurely day of skiing/snowboarding should be around 25,000 verticle feet by the end.  Yeah, okay.  Here are some good apps in case you're interested (I was not).

7. Activated Charcoal Pills High Altitude flatus expulsion (HAFE) is a real thing, people.  If you want a natural treatment to combat gas and bloating, this really works (I can attest to this).  Plus, it has many benefits outside of high altitude ailment fixes.  Read about them here and get your activated charcoal at Whole Foods.

8. Sōlay Wellness Natural Deodorant.  One of my girlfriends on our trip had this and we pretty much all borrowed it at one time or another to test it out.  Most of us used it on a straight up, not effing around powder day (lots of snow to manage) and unanimously liked it!  I am not a glistener, okay?  I sweat.  And this kept me dry and odor-free in intense conditions.  I already ordered 2 bottles (3 oz for $14.95/bottle; should last you 2-3 months/bottle).  It's in powder form, and has a grainy, almost rock-salt texture due to the antibacterial Himalayan crystal salt minerals.  The link above was the only site I could find it on.  Definitely recommend it!

9. Best Ski/Snowboard Gadget.   Outdoor Tech 2.0 bluetooth-compatible in-helmet speakers (cheapest internet price here) for skiing and snowboarding seem to be the #1 tech gadget on the slopes right now.  I should know, b/c I tried to buy them at almost every mountaineering/gear shop in Aspen and they were completely sold out.  Yes, I know it can be unsafe to listen to music while shredding gnar pow-pow, but I like to do it and my helmet is wired and annoying.  They also have helmets with bluetooth capability, but if you happen to own one without speakers or with wired speakers and want an upgrade, this is a nice solution. 

10. There is such a thing as a ski valet.  I have to admit, its been awhile since I've been to one of the big resorts, so maybe I'm just late to the game.  But now you can actually pay a little money ($13 in Aspen) to have your skis or snowboard held overnight or transported to another mountain so you don't have to lug everything home, and back out the next day.  Worth. Every. Penny.

11. You can legit walk into stores and buy pot in Colorado.  Like, "hello sir.  I'd like to buy some edibles" buy pot.  And then you can post it on your Instagram story.  And the store that you tag will actually like or comment hearts back at you.  And you can eat pot brownies around town if you want!  I get that this is a known fact.  I guess I knew you could.  But actually doing it was another story.  And I liked it.

12. People in Aspen are some of the friendliest people I've ever met.  Everyone is nice and just wants to have a good time.  Or at least it seemed that way to me.  But I'm also nice and want to have a good time, so maybe like just attracts like.  Either way, I noticed it.  And it gave me all the feels.

13.  And last but not least, apparently Aspen is even better in the off-season.  So, maybe we'll be heading back for Jazz Aspen Snowmass over Labor Day weekend.  Who's in??!!