I got 5 on it #4

1. My journey to getting back in shape.  This will be a continuous theme/post, I imagine.  Last Monday marked the end of month one of counting/tracking macros and doing mostly strength/crossfit-type workouts 4-5 days/week at BTY Training Lab.  My results were decent: lost 2.8% body fat and 5lbs.  I am pretty happy with that, considering I basically didn't track and had whatever I wanted for 5 days while I was on vacation.  So really, in 3 weeks time I did pretty great!  So, I continued into month two as of last Monday and will re-evaluate again before I leave for Jamaica in April.

2. Balance.  Balance.  Balance.  UGH!  This is so muy importante and oh so difficult for me.  I have been trying not to be hard on myself when I partake in not-so-healthy activities or indulgences, because I realize it's important to enjoy cookies, pizza and champagne, (or whatever your vices may be) every now and then.  But from those instances, it's also necessary to get back on track, and to move between the 2 spaces (on the wagon and off) with grace, positivity and self-love.  I think I can-I think I can-I think I can...

3. International Women's Day.  IWD really inspired me this week!  I was lucky enough to attend a Nike Women's event where we got to listen to a panel of influential female movers and shakers tell their stories, and then were led through a goal-setting session.  It was a beautiful thing to see women cheering on other women and celebrating their successes, as well as the journey it took them to get there. 

I've had to adjust my idea of how life would be so much over the last 10 years.  I've always had it programmed in my head that I would meet a man who would ultimately take care of me and the family we would build together.  Well...that hasn't happened (yet).  I still hope for that companionship, someone to share my life with, and maybe even children someday.  But I've also had to come to terms with the fact that it hasn't happened yet...and it may not.  So what do I want my life to be?  What gives me purpose and what am I here to accomplish?   I look for meaning in life around and within me and am surrounded by so many other women who are doing the same thing.  By no means does this insinuate that only single women in their 30's have obstacles to overcome and are the strong ones.  WOMEN are strong.  Mommies, wives, CEO's, creatives, girlfriends, grandparents, daughters, single mommies, teachers, etc...you name it, they're out there. Busting their ass, supporting those close to them, showing empathy to the world and continually working to be better versions of themselves.  I know this b/c I know them.  And I am them.  Things are different than they used to be.  And they'll continue to become different.  And though it's scary sometimes, its also very exciting.  Because our possibilities are endless!  #girlpower #idigress

4. St. Patrick's Day.  Chicago always celebrates St. Pat's the Saturday before the actual holiday.  So, this weekend, I put on my green and white striped gloves and a cheap Irish-themed crown and had adult beverages with my friends.  It was fun, but the all-day amateur hour is not really my thing anymore.  Perhaps this is a sign I'm becoming more mature....nah. 

photo via NBC Chicago

photo via NBC Chicago

5. FRENCH FRIES.  The fries at Kaiser Tiger in the West Loop are amazing.  We ventured there on Saturday for a bit and someone ordered them.  Let me tell you, I'm not mad about it. They were SO good and came with 8 different dipping sauces.  Balance, right?  Highly recommend.