Everything I'm Not Makes Me Everything I Am


Hi!  I'm Betsy.  I'm quirky and complicated (read, Virgo to a tee).  I can be loads of fun and socially claustrophobic all at the same time. I overthink everything, from my life's purpose to whether or not I put 1/2 a cup or a full cup of almond milk in my smoothie.  You'll often find me walking my dog without a leash, taking a nap, smelling pages out of books (new or old, I don't discriminate) or cutting corners to maximize efficiency (in general). I'm very passionate about making others feel welcome, included, connected and loved.  I have a bleeding heart for animals and children.  And I LOVE love.  We should all live our lives with love, as much as possible, in all we do.  Also, I may or may not have stolen the above header from Kanye West and changed it around a little bit (by one word) to save face (cuz Kanye's crazy).  That's pretty much it.  Thanks for swinging by!